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Oil & Gas activities Oil and Gas activities in the Murchison Fall national Park have not hindered the restoration of environment and natural habitats, tourism, as a result of  environmental diligence in the Albertine graben. Read the Full Story
Conserve the Environment We believe that the preservation of biological diversity, ecosystems, and natural places is critically important to the survival of us all—people, plants, and animals alike Read the Full Story
Restoration Activities Restoration Activities of R. Manafwa using Ficus Nantalesis Species Read the Full Story
Sustainable Use of Environment We recognise the importance of sustainable development in an environmental friendly atmosphere and are always prepared to engage in constructive dialogues with relevant stakeholders and civil society organisations in our continuous pursuit of improvement. Read the Full Story
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The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) is a semi-autonomous institution, established in May 1995 as the principal agency in Uganda, charged with the responsibility of coordinating, monitoring, regulating and supervising environmental management in the country.

 The National Environment Act (NEA), Cap. 153, stipulates the Mandate of NEMA as the principal Agency in Uganda responsible for the management of the environment by coordinating, monitoring, regulating, and supervising all activities in the field of environment.

An Efficient Agency, With People in Uganda Living In a Clean, Healthy, Productive and Sustainable Environment


To promote and ensure sound environmental management practices for sustainable development NEMA Annual Performance Report 2008/9

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FAX: 256-414-257521
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